Encore Ride for Garuda!

Looking for something to do on a Sunday? Blue Rider will be opening Sunday February 16th  to offer discounted riding lessons. Children and adults (new and existing clients*) welcome. Call (413) 528-5299 and sign up for a time slot. Or email info@bluerider.org  for time slots and questions.

$25 per person. Great for the whole family!

*Not a substitute for current weekly scheduled lessons*

All proceeds go to help Garuda recover from a severe SI joint injury. We have been working extensively with many vets to find the source of Garuda’s pain. Now that we have found it, we are ready for the next expensive step. Please help us help Garuda by joining us in this small yet fun fundraiser.

What is SI?
Your horse gallops, jumps, collects, turns and extends his stride with power from his hindquarters. And his sacroiliac (SI) joint, the meeting place of his pelvis and spine is critical at every stride. It transfers the action of his hind legs to his back, translating the push into forward motion.