Neighmaste – A Workshop Joining Yoga and Riding

Sunday, March 15, 2015  10 AM – 4 PM

This workshop focuses on balancing and opening your body while lightening your spirit. The Neighmaste practice increases mindfulness, helps center breath with movement, and connects mind with body.

annayogaWhy Horseback Riding and Yoga?
Yoga’s focus on core strength is also necessary for riding. Its themes of grounding, centering, and breathing into and moving from your core can help a rider direct energy and intention to the horse. This will help you become a more effective and sympathetic rider, while strengthening your capabilities to better communicate and bond with your horse.


yoga  In the workshop you will:
● Explore the mind-body relationship distinctive to being with horses
● Practice yoga on and off the horse
● Learn to use your body as a tool of communication
● Discover how to release the constraints of your body and mind to
improve communication with your horse

   Program fee of $200 includes lunch.
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