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Kicking up our heels!

Finishing lunch

A huge thank you to all who support us in all the ways that you do. Your monetary donations keep us afloat, Your thoughts and prayers, and kind words and emails keep up our spirits. Our horses are fed, groomed, exercised, and of course loved every day. Our barn is clean, tidy and comfortable for the equines.  All of the mucking gets done every day. Our staff is on volunteer hours only, so that the money coming in keeps our herd of champions well. We hope each of you is able to stay safe, healthy, and in decent spirits. We are here if anyone wants a picture of their favorite horse, or just a check in. We will stay strong!

Welcome home Garuda!


On Thursday, March 26, Garuda came home from rehab. We will be keeping up with his rehab exercises in the hopes that he stays stronger and has less pain.

Oskar getting laser treatment for his head injury



On April 1, Oskar received a probable kick to the head and needed stitches. He also has a skull fracture. He is in good spirits, eating and drinking, and enjoying the company of his herd mates. Alden Beane came out and did laser treatment on him, and will continue to donate this service.

Garuda is home!

Garuda is back home from his time at rehab.  He’s feeling much better – but there is still a lot of work to do.

But for now – we are all happy to have him home.  2 and 4 legged!

Garuda’s welcoming committee has come to order!


“Hey! What’s up?? It’s been awhile!”


Hey! I missed you, BuddyRu….

Sun and mud!

There are moments when we can stop and enjoy the horses in the sun, before we see the amount of work it will take to clean the mud off of them! All are well here at the barn. Many of our horses are looking for their riders, and hoping it won’t be too long before they can return. Sadly, we are still closed….


Bella calling for friends

Zora bathed in mud!

Enjoying the sun