Hello and Goodbyes

We are thrilled to welcome, the newest member of our herd…Rico. IMG_2190
Rico is 14 years old and 17 hands high. He comes to us from White Horse Hill in Richmond, MA. Rico is a Bay Tobiano (color) Pinto Warmblood (breed). He doesn’t want to jump anymore and is ready for the change of pace that Blue Rider Stables can offer. He has been enjoying his first few days at the barn with Rhythm and Ebony, who stay-cationed at Blue Rider while the others went off to their vacation pasture.

Cilla has left our herd to move on to greener pastures. We know she will be well cared for at her new home. She is adjusting nicely, and is temporarily joined by Rose who is taking a break from our program to give her body a rest.