ISO new equines for our program

We have lost many of our equine friends in the past years. Therefore, our riding program is in search of the following equines:

Small pony/donkey/mule, under 12.2hh. (no minis) Able to carry up to 60lb. Must be good with children, grooming and tacking, and must lead easily.


Sturdy 13-14.2hh pony/donkey/mule (Icelandic, Morgan, draft-type, etc.) primarily for adult therapy, so strong, good back and good mind a must! If gaited, pacey gaits are fine.


16+hh draft type for vaulting and large adult therapy, strong back and comfortable walk/trot/canter. 


Mares preferred but geldings definitely considered, ages 5-15. Candidates should be serviceably sound, but some maintenance is fine. Must be able to live in a mixed herd, must be backed and good to handle, we will fine-tune training. Every equine in our program has a home for life, regular vet, farrier and chiropractic care, LOTS of love. We are 501-(c)3 so donations are tax-deductible.