George, Big Ears, Big Hugs

Name: George
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Mammoth Donkey
Birth year: 2002
With Blue Rider since: 2010

George was rescued from an abusive situation and then re-homed to Blue Rider a year later in March, 2010, when his new owner became severely ill. He is tall and gangly and oh so cuddly. He is goofy and pushy and gets in your space and annoys you, and then he makes you laugh and you get hugs from him and feel happy again. Work is not his forté, and he lets you know it. He is our greeter at the barn door, and he makes sure everyone feels loved.

2019 update: George continues to have a hard time with his feet, and has bouts of recurring lameness. He loves to stand and be groomed, and makes known when feeding time is overdue with his foghorn bray.