Willie Wonka

Willie Wonka, Pony Power

Name: Willie Wonka
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Shetland/Morgan/Arab/Haflinger cross
Birth year: 1992
With Blue Rider since: 1997
Willie is a Shetland/Morgan/Arab/Haflinger cross He came to us in 1997 as a 5-year old green broke pony and is now one of the most reliable equines at Blue Rider. Willie is used for our therapy, for regular riders, and for vaulting. He can pull a cart, run barrels, jump a course of jumps, give lessons to 2 year olds and 82 year olds — in other words, whatever you need Willie to do, he will do. He loves to give hugs, will goof off or be as serious as his rider, and will be your best friend for as long as you need him to be. Willie takes care of the herd of horses as well as his human friends. He is always there for everyone!

2019 update: Willie is experiencing a lot of trouble with his stifles (knees). If he were a human, he would have double knee replacement. As this doesn’t work with horses, we are retiring him from the lesson program. He still does some children’s lessons on good days, and is very proud of it!

Sponsor Willie Wonka

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