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Testimonials are an important way that we can educate others about the significant work we do. These are vital both for our website and grant writing. If you are interested in writing a testimonial about Blue Rider, you can use the question below to help guide your writing. You do not need to answer each of the questions, but let them assist your thought process. You can submit a working draft below and we will be happy to work with you on editing.

1. What prompted you to seek out Blue Rider Stables? What situation or problem were you trying to address? Had you tried anything else to address that problem? If so, what?

2. What specific factors made you choose Blue Rider over another stable?

3. What were your perceptions about horseback riding before you started?

4. How did your perception change once you started riding with Blue Rider?

5. Describe your experience with Blue Rider? What did you (or the rider) like best about riding here?

6. Can you think of a word or phrase that best describes your relationship with Blue Rider? Why that particular word or phrase?

7. How did riding at Blue Rider change your and/or the rider’s life?

8. What are the three most significant improvements that have resulted from your/the rider’s work with Blue Rider Stables?

9. What exactly did Blue Rider do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

10. If someone called you and said “Why should I ride at Blue Rider Stables”, what would you tell them?

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