Summer Internship

Learn and Have Fun While Spending Your Summer With Horses and Children!

Blue Rider Stables Summer Internship : Open to ages 18+
Dates: June 11-August 25 (with some flexibility)

Program Purpose:
The purpose of the Blue Rider Stables’ Internship Program is to prepare individuals to become certified riding instructors. Under supervision of full time instructors, interns will learn: horsemanship skills; teaching techniques; barn, herd, and program management; and how to teach these skills to children in an age appropriate and fun way.

Interns are expected to maintain the highest standard of safety and communication, and assist in every aspect of our summer program. Vaulting, horse care, anatomy, psychology, groundwork, tack, stable management, as well as riding are all integrated into the campers’ day.

This is a full time position requiring 40 hours a week (Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm daily. Hours can be flexible depending on intern interests and program needs) The internship lasts 11 weeks June thru Aug. Intern reports to Summer Camp Director. This is an unpaid internship. You can receive school credit. On site housing is available as compensation.  Must be 18+

Specific activities include but are not limited to:

  • Observe, plan and adjust daily lessons and camp programs appropriately for campers’ needs
  • Take initiative to engage campers in all activities
  • Communicate regularly with Camp Director to provide and receive ongoing feedback
  • Document camper activities and progress at the end of each day
  • Participate in daily barn chores
  • Evaluate and monitor equine behavior, recognize unsoundness and communicate observations to Senior Instructors  
  • Apply situation appropriate behavior management techniques with equines and campers
  • Receive mounted riding instruction as horse and instructor availability allows outside of work hours


  • Intern must have enough horse knowledge to evaluate and monitor equine behavior, recognize unsoundness and communicate observations to Senior Instructors
  • Abide by all BRS policies and procedures, as well as the BRS core values
  • Hold a current First Aid and CPR certification
  • Must be competent and comfortable around horses and children (ages 5-12)
  • Agree to complete all assigned tasks within deadlines with minimal supervision
  • Must pass Massachusetts Criminal History background check
  • Willing and able to complete strenuous physical tasks
  • Willing and able to work in disagreeable weather conditions
  • Organized and tidy
  • Professional and positive attitude at all times
  • Able to evaluate immediate circumstances for wellbeing and safety and make decisions in the best interest of horse, rider, and instructor
  • Preferred previous teaching experience
  • Strong interest in working with young children
  • Must have own transportation

If interested, please forward to no later than April 15:

  • your resume including prior work history
  • cover letter detailing past experience with horses and children (include philosophy of work)
  • names of 3 references familiar with your work who are not related to the you.

Please note:
The Stables will obtain a Criminal Offender Record Information check on each prospective summer intern.
The Stables will obtain a Sex Offender Registry Information check on each prospective summer intern.  
There is a policy for zero tolerance for any form of substance abuse in place for the entire property of the Stables. This is strictly enforced, and any disregard will constitute automatic firing.