Vaulting Programs

What is vaulting?
Vaulting is gymnastics/dance on the horse.
It’s a wonderful way to develop coordination, balance, strength,
and creativity while working in harmony with the horse.


Lila vaultingIntro to Vaulting: A fun introduction to the world of vaulting. Students practice specific exercises on a stationary horse that are designed to build confidence, core strength, body awareness, and balance. There is an emphasis on social integration as students develop the skills necessary for working in a group, while also learning to be responsible for their own space. Students will learn to safely interact with and care for a horse.

Fundamental Vaulting: Building on the skills learned in Fundamental Vaulting, students do further exercises with a partner on the horse, and also learn to work on a moving horse. This enhances the awareness of muscles needed to ride well and in balance. Students also practice responsibility, communication, cooperation and leadership skills through their partner work.

Intro & Fundamental vaulting programs are offered during school breaks and in 8-week after school programs


Core Vaulting: This program takes vaulting to a whole new level. Students are expected to have basic knowledge of core muscles and proper stretching. They must be prepared to use their bodies in a more exacting way, with emphasis on achieving balance through motion. Exercises on the horse are at a walk and trot. A vaulting barrel is used to teach and refine students’ movements before they are tried on a moving horse. Each student will need to put in the time and effort to work on his/herself, be motivated, and be a team player.

Core vaulting is a new 8 week after-school program.

Competitive Vaulting with the Big Twist Vaulters:
This program vaultingtakes you further into the realm of vaulting as a sport. In addition to team practice, independent work is required to practice stretching and strength building.

Competitive team practice is an ongoing program. A student must try out to join.

For more information and to register for a Blue Rider vaulting program, call (413) 528-5299 or email
For more information on vaulting, visit the
American Vaulting Association