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Blue  Rider Testimonials 

“In my 20 years of clinical experience as a Speech-language Pathologist, (ten of which were spent at the National Institutes of Health), I can say that I’ve never seen a place as inclusive nor as holistic for rehabilitation as Blue Rider Stables.  Christine has an innate gift of integrating the cognitive, adaptive, gross motor, and emotional components that exist in every human being (and animal!) and making Blue Rider a place where not only functioning but *thriving* in one’s environment is possible. “

– Maia Magder, M.S. CCC-SLP

About 8 years ago, I was having trouble with my left ankle. (I had sprained it badly as a child and it was never properly dealt with.) I decided to try therapeutic riding. When I arrived at the barn, my left foot was turned out at a 45-degree angle and my balance was so poor that I could not stand at attention for more than a few seconds. After 15 minutes on Falcur, my feet hit the ground almost parallel. It took a bit longer to affect my balance, but today I can stand at attention for about a minute before tipping. With my weekly lesson, my feet stay straight and my balance improves.

 Ed Hotaling, adult rider

“When I first visited Blue Rider, I thought I was just going horseback riding, but got so much more in return. Equine-Lead therapy was such a heaven sent. I have struggled with Bipolar disorder since I was a teenager but since my visits to Blue Rider I’ve learned so much about energy through trust, self love and community. I look forward to more and more knowledge with each visit.”

-Jonny S.

Raffi was so excited and enthusiastic about riding the horses at Blue Rider.  He loved the open herd approach, and the challenges of riding without stirrups and saddle.  He loved the closeness to the horses, the sense of partnership with them.  I noticed a sense of pride in his accomplishments that translated more generally into a willingness to take risks and keep trying even when the challenge seems daunting; to believe in himself.  I think it improved his self-regulation, and his willingness to be in a group of typical kids doing something that takes concentration and effort.  We are so grateful for all these benefits and can’t wait to do it again!

-Marian Klotz, , parent

“For most of twenty years, Blue Rider Stables has been an integral part of my wonderful life in south Berkshire county.  As a community that has nurtured generations of riders, Blue Rider’s commitment to education, inclusion, and respect for all learners and for our sensitive equine partners is beyond anything I could have imagined.  I am grateful for the countless deep and healing awareness’s I have had during lessons.  Blue Rider’s instructors are knowledgeable, creative, responsive, encouraging and dedicated to providing each and every rider a positive experience.  The very heart and soul of BRS offers up some powerful much-needed medicine for helping to heal our world.”

– Jeanne Bassis, adult rider

David had an affinity for horses and riding before he was injured. At 60 with a traumatic brain injury, we were led to Blue Rider Stables. The relationship with the two and four legged staff increased the quality of his life tremendously. They work individually with the essence of each person, and the relationship to the unique therapeutic personality of each horse. Many physical benefits followed for David over the weeks and months of riding – flexibility in posture, lengthening of spine, ability to hold his head higher and a more physical presence. Additionally, David’s strength and stamina increased more than we could have imagined. We are so grateful to have discovered Blue Rider!

–  Jeanne Laskin, wife of therapy program participant

Blue Rider builds a community so strong, it becomes family. It serves as home for every helper, instructor and rider who comes to the barn. The purpose of Blue Rider is not merely to teach bareback riding….it is to teach the harder things, like how to be patient and kind, assume responsibility, care for others and for yourself. I consider this small barn tucked away in the mountains a magical place. There is no other barn like it in the world.

– Olivia Dhaliwal, BRS intern 2013-14

Blue Rider Stables is a true gem right here in my own backyard. Their programs have helped my child make leaps in her self confidence, social and emotional well being, self awareness and motor skills. She has gained so much from this amazing place. I am forever grateful. We can’t imagine our lives without Blue Rider Stables in it.

– Colaine Dennis, parent of BRS helper program participant