Blue Rider Stables

Blue Rider Stables

15 Farm Lane, South Egremont, MA 01230


We offer year-round lessons and workshops for children and adults, with and without disabilities.

Over the course of lessons the student learns tolerance, self-motivation, decision making skills, control, confidence, conflict-resolution, working with emotions, and many other life lessons. And always with a partner that doesn’t judge at all in the sense of cleverness, prettiness, how well liked one is… the only concern there is is to be safe and comfortable with one another, and to make sense of the situation.  And the hardest lesson of course: to be true to ones feelings and to oneself.  In this sense, riding is therapeutic for every being.

In our eyes at Blue Rider, there is also the soul connection that has to be taken into account. This may be the single most important aspect for us here to continue our riding programs to let the soul glow and evolve freely and compassionately. It is in this work that the human and the animal grow as beings together and conquer the restrictions that life and the world has put on them individually.  This is the growth we look for, the therapeutic aspect of riding that touches everyone, whether or not they are “labeled” as needing therapy or not.  The horses and other participants do not care what the issues are that bring the “client” to the barn.  Everyone is there to learn and do the best they can and want to do.

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