Blue Rider Stables

Blue Rider Stables

15 Farm Lane, South Egremont, MA 01230

Child & Adult Lessons

Blue Rider’s comprehensive educational program begins with the basics in a mutually enjoyable, confidence-building relationship between human and equine. We offer lessons to individuals, groups, school classes, group homes, and anyone else interested.

Basic Safe Riding is the groundwork of all of our riding programs. Progressive basic riding skills are taught at the walk and trot with core balance and understanding the horse as the main focus.

Riding Without Fear is the goal that we wish to obtain for all of our students. We try to teach in a way that makes every step understandable, and give the tools to be in control of any situations as they arise.

Horse Care / Stable Management The care and upkeep of horses and their home is offered in a learning environment as well.

We offer lessons that may revolve around English (Jumping and Dressage) and Western Riding.

Bareback Riding All of our lessons are taught bareback first so the rider can learn and understand how his/her body affects the horse. The lessons than progress to saddles and bits once the rider understands his/her balance and body awareness.

Our group work is focused on social intervention; as a tool to combat bullying and teasing and peer pressure, and build positive group dynamics.

Riding Lessons at Blue Rider Stables  ~ Horsemanship in Great Barrington MA