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Blue Rider Stables

15 Farm Lane, South Egremont, MA 01230

Name our new donkey! Contest

We Have a new Donkey!  He is 6 years old and very sweet. So we’re having a contest to choose his new name! Every name suggested costs $5. We will pull his new name Friday October 27. Winner gets a photo with him.

To enter, please follow button below:

Once on Checkout, Give us your name suggestion in the ‘Additional Information: order notes’ section!

2023 Circus Raffle

What a great event! Thank you to all our supporters and congratulations to the winners.

Dunkin’ Donuts – Carr Hardware
Fluff Alpaca – Dunkin’ Donuts
Ward’s Nursery – Cafe Adam
Bakin Bakery – Gt.Barrington Bagel Co.
Applebee’s – Mama Lo’s Southern Style BBQ
Happy Nails Salon and Spa – Jake’s Barber Shop
Griffin – Domaney’s
Jake’s Barber Shop – Mom’s Country Cafe
Tom’s Toys – Clarks Nursery
Berkshire Baby – SoCo Creamery
SoCo Creamery – Matruschka
Gt.Barrington Bagel Co. – Applebee’s
Cafe Adam – GB Eats
Pawsh Buddies – The Shop-Only In My Dreams Events
Mom’s Country Cafe – SoCo Creamery
Crystal Essence – Green Branch Urban
Berkshire Bass – Dunkin’ Donuts
Rubener’s Cheesemongers – Applebee’s
Dunkin’ Donuts – GB Pizza House
Eagle Shoe & Boot – Guido’s Fresh Marketplace
Roberto’s Pizza – Bistro Box
Guido’s Fresh Marketplace – Dunkin’ Donuts
Dunkin’ Donuts – The Shop-Only In My Dreams Events
SoCo Creamery – Applebee’s
Matruschka – Ward’s Nursery

Our 2023 Circus Is Here!

The theme this year is Inviting your Inner Child. Be prepared for lots of silly, childish fun!

Falcur Needs Your Help

Falcur needs our thoughts, prayers and money.

When staff arrived Friday morning, April 28th, our dear Falcur was showing signs of colic. Millbrook Vet was summoned and arrived at 10:45 a.m. and stayed here until 1:00 p.m, monitoring him and exploring the cause and his options. Ultrasound and scope found only minor residual dry feces impacted in the small intestine, and nothing detrimentally wrong. Throughout the vets assessment Falcur was showing more apparent signs of discomfort, and the thought process was that we needed to bring him to Rhinebeck Equine Clinic to have further assistance with him and find out what else we can do to help him feel better.

Falcur was trailered to Rhinebeck Equine Clinic at 1:00, as he presented with increased pain as the morning went on. It was deemed necessary to do colic surgery to save his life. Around 6 o’clock, Falcur got out of his colic surgery. He had a large intestine twist that is mostly seen in broodmares. His intestines came back to normal color after being untwisted, so nothing needed to be removed. This was the best outcome we could hope for! 

This being said, this was still a big surgery and will need a lot of post-op recovery time and needs, a change of routine for him, and lots of aftercare.

Falcur is such a needed part of our herd at Blue Rider and countless riders have found their confidence on his back. 

Please help us with costs of vet care, surgery, and aftercare! 

Send good thoughts, hug someone for him, and keep him in your prayers. 

Thank you. The Blue Rider Staff and herd

Spring Scavenger Hunt


Come join us for an adventure, pony rides, and hay bale maze!

Call or email us for more information and to reserve your spot 🐴

$50 for a family of four

Valentine’s Day Raffle

Buy a ticket or tickets for our raffle and help us keep our horses fed and happy! And get a valentine’s day note from them. 

Thanks for supporting us!! Christine, Becky, Julia and crew

Blue Rider Stables Horse’s Wish List

Our Horses have spoken and we have came up with a wish list of their holiday wants!

Each of our horses, have their own needs, wants and likes. So we asked them what they would want as holiday presents this year. And our herd definitely came up with some amazing ideas.

On our horse bios, each horse has their own post, sharing why they asked for what they did.

If you would like to grant a horse (or many) their wish, please click below:

Holiday Wish List

Annual Appeal

November 2022

Dear Students, Friends, Family and Neighbors of Blue Rider Stables,

As we look towards the end of 2022, the Board, Staff, volunteers, and equines
want to thank you for a tremendous year.

You, our donors, friends, and students, have kept us advancing through the ups
and downs of the year. This has been no easy feat with the economic challenges
every one of us is facing. With your support, we can continue to offer
the programs that serve and help heal members of our community.

Some highlights from the past year:

● expanded our therapy programs to meet the needs of our community
● introduced three new equines to our herd to take on the workload of our retirees
● kept all 18 equines safe and comfortable, trained, and healthy, and happy with their life and work
● maintained our property in an ecologically responsible fashion
● provided scholarship support for our expanded client base
● served a total of 512 riders over the course of the year

“A huge THANK YOU, not only for the regular sessions that have improved my
mobility and strengthened me, but for what you did to rehab a recent, debilitating
back injury. What you did with Falcur and I markedly improved my mobility,
pain level and my confidence in what I could do with my body. I showed up
practically immobile, and left Blue Rider able to drive, turn my body freely and
safely and felt so much better. The work you did is unquestionably why I got so
much better so quickly. As someone who has typically relied on “traditional”
methods (I have worked in healthcare for over three decades), I am grateful for
the work you do and the care, gentleness and individual attention with which you
do it. Thank you!!” – Sharon Simmons

This coming year we intend to:

●Evolve our programs to optimally suit the growing and changing need of our riders
●Continue enhancing the health of our equines
●Expand support to our teaching staff
●Integrate new practices into our pasture maintenance
●Start building our new administrative building (including a REAL bathroom!)

We are here to serve our students and equines that need us and thrive through knowing and working with us. Our accomplishments are a testimony of trust from our community. We will continue to earn your trust as we grow our programs.

We invite you to make a donation today in support of our work. A gift, no matter how big or small, is essential to expanding our current operations and keeping our equines and riders safe and fulfilled.

Blue Rider has such a beautiful mission and place in this world, and each board member has again pledged and committed to helping make this year’s annual appeal profound and impactful for Blue Rider’s future.

We hope this inspires and empowers many others to do the same to help this wonderful organization.

Legacy Gala Fundraiser

Blue Rider Stables first Gala fundraiser since 2017 gives us a chance to bring supporters and lovers of Blue Rider and barn staff together to pay tribute to and celebrate all the great work of this organization – past, present and future.

Join us for dinner and a full program, including testimonials and a paddle raising fund drive for specific barn needs – such as equine care (vet, feed), general maintenance, capital improvements, etc.

Raffle drawing for prizes

Ticket prices:
Single ticket – $175

Couple ticket – $325

Sponsor ticket* – $500 admits one plus offsets cost for 2 barn staff.  Sponsor will get recognition at gala (if desired) plus an extra drink ticket and free raffle tickets

‘Herd’ ticket (4 people) – $650.

Committee  Members

Julia Kadison

Anne Fribourg

Anna-Christine Stanton

Rhonda Jaacks

Oskar Halig


Wings for Willie Ride-A-Thon


This year we once again couldn’t have our annual Fun Day, but we have an exciting fundraiser that every one of you can participate in from anywhere! The first annual Wings for Willie Ride-a-thon!! Wait! I hear some family and friends clicking away because you don’t ride, but you can participate too. You can track miles for any kind of movement, walk, run, bike, skate, and more. The ride-a-thon will run from now through October 29th and we will be sharing soon about a special spooky event to celebrate your hard work when it ends!

Sign up at creating a team or joining one that already exists. Not sure what to name your team? Think about naming it after one of the horses since this is all about supporting their healthcare needs. Now, ask friends and family to join your team or to donate. They can sponsor you per lap or mile or make a one time donation in any amount. By having a virtual ride-a-thon it means you can get support or participate from anywhere in the world. There are prizes too! Any participant who raises at least $100 will receive an exclusive shirt in memory of Willie and the team that raises the most money and the team that moves the greatest distance will each get special prizes. We are counting on you to make this event huge and will be sprinkling some fun challenges and prizes throughout the month as well. Questions? Email us at and we will get back to you!

Click here for a quick video on how to set up a team on DoJiggy!