Blue Rider Stables

Blue Rider Stables

15 Farm Lane, South Egremont, MA 01230

February Break Horsemanship Program

We will be offering our February Break program February 19 – 23rd. This program provides students with an educational outdoor experience where they can have fun, be physically active, develop a love for nature, and learn responsibility for animals. In addition to learning bareback riding, participants will assist with barn chores, learn how to catch, groom and tack a horse, and experience the magic of being in a herd of horses. Lunch will be around the fire pit. Children must bring their own snacks and lunch. The program runs 9:00 – 3:00 each day, with before and after care available. Sign up for one day or the whole week. Please email or call for more details.

Mystery Update

From the first day that she came, Mystery has won everyone over with her sweet nature. Almost exactly a year after she was introduced to the whole herd, she had a lightbulb moment with her job in lessons and therapy. Practically overnight she became as solid and steady in her work as she is in her body. We had chosen her with the hope that she would take on some of the role Twist left behind and it’s wonderful to see her become the horse we hoped she would.

Marcy Update

Marcy has strong opinions about many things (like how and when she wants to be groomed, or touched, or work) but she is also much more open about what she wants and why, which lets us help her much better. Typically horses take nine months to a year to acclimate to a new home and routine; many people want that to happen much faster, often almost immediately. Marcy shows us that, given support and time, horses never stop growing and changing, and the process of getting comfortable and confident can take years. It’s very much worth it, though, as Marcy and many others have taught us over the years

Marcy guarding Zora as she sleeps in the pre-snow mud.

It’s May Already!

Read below for BRS’s first week of May update:

Help a Horse Day

Blue Rider works with horses that come here to have a second chance at a good life. They are the backbone of our program. Today, April 26th is National Help a Horse Day. It is is designed to bring awareness and advocate for abused and neglected horses across the county.

Although everyday at BRS we help our horses, today we ask that you help too!

Please either donate or sponsor a horse

Four legged and two legged friends thank you!

February Break Program

From February 20th through the 23rd, Blue Rider is hosting a School Break Program. Sign your children up for 4 hours of learning and participating in fun and interesting horsemanship skills.

Fundraising For Rico

Pony Rides on August 6

Rico needs our help! Rico has had a sarcoid tumor removed from his third eyelid, and will need a second operation to remove the eyelid. He is not in pain and the prognosis is good, but we need your help with the expense of his care. We will be offering pony rides on Saturday August 6 from 2 – 4. Email or call to reserve your spot! All money made will go to the RICO FUND

Our Circus is back!

Come join us on June 11 from 10:30 – 12:30 as we showcase our students’ work and riding skills. This will be the first time in almost 3 years’ that our horses have gotten the chance to perform in front of people, so our offerings will be laid back and interesting. There will also be HippityHop Shop items for sale, a small bake sale, pony rides at intermission, a raffle drawing, and loads of fun!! Our  friend Roger the Jester will help make this a true Circus! Tell your friends!

$20 parking fee, no admission fee. 


Blue Rider’s Spring Raffle!!

The Spring Raffle will help raise money for our retired equines, Oskar and Billy Boy, which will begin the day of our much anticipated Circus!

$10 = 1 Ticket   ~   $50 = 6 Tickets

With each ticket you have 50 different prizes you can win~ and each ticket has a 1 in 5 chance to win!!

Click the link to find more information on Circus/Spring Raffle or purchase your tickets and see our prizes!

Wings for Willie Ride-A-Thon


This year we once again couldn’t have our annual Fun Day, but we have an exciting fundraiser that every one of you can participate in from anywhere! The first annual Wings for Willie Ride-a-thon!! Wait! I hear some family and friends clicking away because you don’t ride, but you can participate too. You can track miles for any kind of movement, walk, run, bike, skate, and more. The ride-a-thon will run from now through October 29th and we will be sharing soon about a special spooky event to celebrate your hard work when it ends!

Sign up at creating a team or joining one that already exists. Not sure what to name your team? Think about naming it after one of the horses since this is all about supporting their healthcare needs. Now, ask friends and family to join your team or to donate. They can sponsor you per lap or mile or make a one time donation in any amount. By having a virtual ride-a-thon it means you can get support or participate from anywhere in the world. There are prizes too! Any participant who raises at least $100 will receive an exclusive shirt in memory of Willie and the team that raises the most money and the team that moves the greatest distance will each get special prizes. We are counting on you to make this event huge and will be sprinkling some fun challenges and prizes throughout the month as well. Questions? Email us at and we will get back to you!

Click here for a quick video on how to set up a team on DoJiggy!

Amazon Smile!

Why not add Blue Rider as your charity with Amazon Smile??  It’s super easy to do – and a portion of what you order goes directly to us!