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August 2022

We are almost done with our summer programs, crazy how fast the time goes! Everyone in our herd of 18 horses is is getting along well, adapting to our new summer horsemanship program and being good teachers for all the students. Every single horse has a job here and they are showing how well they know it.

Oskar and Billy had their retirement party at our circus, which we pulled off without a hitch. Without our support crew Roger the Jester, MC Cathy Fracasse, and DJ Tayo Kaufman, this huge event would not have run as smoothly. We had so many amazing volunteers, too many to even think of mentioning, but every one of you helped make this special and is thanked with our hearts. A huge thank you also to everyone that came out and supported us. We had a blast, and it was inspiring to see so many people in one place in person. This event set the stage for the glorious summer we are having.

On August 20th, we are having pony rides to support our big boy Rico who will be having eye surgery.

Our end of summer raffle is in full swing. Tickets are $10, $50 for 6. All proceeds of this raffle go to the Retirement Fund for Billy Boy and Oskar, our old gentlemen. Tickets may be gotten at Each ticket has 50 chances to win!

50 Raffle Items: Blue Rider hat $20 * Blue Rider wristies $25 * Blue Rider T-shirt $20 * Blue Rider Base ball cap $20 * Blue Rider wristies$25 * Bookloft $15 * Bookloft $15 * Carr Hardware Propane Refill $20 * Chocolate Springs$25 * Dunkin Donuts $10 * Dunkin Donuts $10 * Dunkin Donuts $15 * Dunkin Donuts $15 * Dunkin Donuts $15 * Dunkin Donuts $15 * Dunkin Donuts $15 * Eagle Shoe & Boot Co $30 * EST$25 * Evergreen Cutting Board $110 * Fuel $25 * GB Eats$25 * Gt. Barrington Bagel Co$50 * Gt. Barrington Pizza House $25 * Guido’s $50 * Jake’s Barber Shop$50 * John Andrews$100 * Journal $10 * Julie’s Pure Bliss – Skin & Body Care$90 * Lennox Jewelry$150 * Lennox Jewelry$250 * Lennox Jewelry $250* Manhatten Pizza * Matruschka * Mielke Confections$25 * Mielke Confections$25 * Old Mill $100 * Pawsh Buddies$50.00 * Pawsh Buddies $25 * Roberto’s Pizza$25 * Robin’s Candy FoodFace $22 * Rubiner’s$25 * SoCo$20 * SoCo$20 * SoCo$20 * SoCo$20 * SoCo$20 * Taft Farms $25* Tom’s Toys$50 * Triplex * Williams & Sons$25

If you would like an update on the herd (or your favorite horse) check out their profile on the “Our Herd” page.

As always, come by and visit us – by appointment please!