The world is struggling right now, and we are very fortunate to have this little oasis here that has stayed sheltered and safe.
A huge thank you to all who support us in all the ways that you do. Your monetary donations keep us afloat, Your thoughts and prayers, and kind words and emails keep up our spirits.

Our horses are fed, groomed, exercised, and of course loved every day. Our barn is clean, tidy and comfortable for the equines.  All of the mucking gets done every day.

Our staff is committed to doing what it takes to be ready to offer our services again. We cannot express enough the gratitude that we feel when we know we can feed and care for our equines and at least keep these beings  comfortable.

We hope each of you is able to stay safe, healthy, and in decent spirits. We are here if anyone wants a picture of their favorite horse, or just a check in. We will stay strong!

Update on the herd:

Baron is doing well. He is showing a playful side we’ve never seen from him before. He loves to pull his boots off in the mud.

Bella is looking well rested and is actually starting to relax. Her breathing issues haven’t been bothering her as much with this rest period.

Billy Boy is really missing his outings and his human friends! He is getting as much love and grooming as we can possibly give him.

Falcur is remembering how to relax, with lots of trail rides and playing hard with Svadi.

Fritz is missing work! He is trail riding almost daily to keep fit and strong.

Garuda has settled back into the barn, and his physical therapy is starting to pay off.

George is still our big, lovable greeter- but he misses having people to greet!

Marcy is becoming more comfortable in the herd, while we work to make her more comfortable in her body.

Mia is enjoying the workouts she gets, which help her body stay in shape. She is remembering her dressage training!

Oskar is recovering from his head injury, and feeling playful again.

Rico is enjoying frequent trail rides, and also building fitness through dressage.

Svadiis happy that his human is on staff, because he gets almost all the attention he wants.

Taquito is enjoying a little break from all the hard work, but misses his young riders.

Willie Wonka has remembered that he actually enjoys trail rides, while we work to keep him fit, strong, and healthy.

Zora is advancing in her training by leaps and bounds with all the focused attention.

Rachel, Christine and Becky are all well, and very busy keeping these guys happy, healthy, clean and fed.

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