Avery Ball

Avery came to Blue Rider as a  9 years old on a school field trip, during a snowstorm at the end of April, in classic Berkshire weather. She spoke  not a single word that day, wearing a coat that was three times her size and weight. But from the moment she got home she would not stop talking about how great it was. She started lessons the next week and nothing has kept her away since. 

Avery is the worker bee that keeps everything running smoothly. Working up in the office and down at the barn, she does her best to keep all the loose ends together. Her self given title is Chaos Manager, and she thrives when there is too much to do. She manages to keep all the little chores done in the background. She is great at teaching the newest and youngest students, who adore her. She also works in the office, keeping files organized and little jobs from piling up. Avery is Rico’s person, they are both goofy and skinnier than they’re supposed to be, love vaulting, and compliment each other in many ways.