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Baron has been with us since 2016. He is about twenty years old, and was brought from out west to
become a show horse. When he proved not to be a competitive jumper, his family reached out
to us. Although he was strong and steadfast from the beginning, he has really begun to shine
over the last two years, and we love and appreciate his kind, slightly mischievous personality.
Baron’s age is beginning to catch up with him; he needs extra support for his legs and feet, and
the cold has been hard on him, so he now wears a blanket in bad weather.

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Falcur came flying to us from Iceland in 2002, twenty years ago! Like many Icelandics, Falcur is much
stronger than his size suggests (although now that he is in his late twenties, he no longer does
as much of the heavy lifting as he used to), and he tends to think things through before reacting,
resulting in a calm intelligence that, along with his soft, lateral gaits, makes him a superb
therapy horse. He may be getting older, but he still loves to play with the other horses,
especially the other Icelandics, and keeps the younger horses on their toes.
Falcur has a suppressed immune system and some residual lameness from a pasture injury
years ago, and we have recently begun treating him for Cushing’s disease.

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We bought Oskar as a thirteen year old in 2008, from a loving family, where he had been a barrel racer until his girl went off to college. Oskar taught many riders the joy of speed, but also learned to slow down enough to be a pleasure for even the smallest, or most timid riders. Oskar has now retired from lessons, but still loves to be brushed and cuddled, and really loves to play with his friends, especially Garuda. When the horses are out in the field, you are sure to see Oskar running at the front of the herd.

In the spring of 2020, Oskar was accidentally kicked in the head by another horse. He now wears special “sunglasses” year-round to protect his sensitive eyes. After years of competition and then lessons, his body needs support from the chiropractor, as well as BEMER and red light therapy.

Oskar joined the Ghost Herd in 2022. Oskar started showing signs of vertigo, not eating well, and having a hard time finding his way around the barn without support from another horse. We put him to rest on one of his good days, surrounded by all of his herd mates, and all the people who loved him dearly.

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Remedy joined the Blue Rider Herd in late 2021. He was rescued from an auction by a kind owner, but unfortunately was not a good match for her. He is settling well into our herd, and learning a new role as a lesson horse, which he seems to enjoy. We hope he will excel in his new life with us and find his place in the herd. He already is winning hearts with us!

Remedy started showing signs of neurological distress and high anxiety, we are working on him to find out what is going on.

Remedy’s body needs support and care as he gains fitness, and his feet will need continued care.

Remedy joined the Blue Rider Ghost Herd in 2023. He was put to rest with his people and herd around him, sending him off with lots of good energy and love.

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Willie Wonka

Willie is a Shetland / Morgan/ Arab/ Haflinger cross Pony. He is one of the most reliable equines at Blue Rider. He came to us in 1997 as a 5-year old green broke pony who was not really trainable. He is compromised by the many breeds in him. His stifles (knees) are sore, and he has to wear shoes because he foundered. He has a thyroid condition, and his body has trouble with the sugars in the grass and hay, so he has to wear a grazing muzzle for part of the year. He is very heat-sensitive, so working in the summer is hard.Willie is used for our therapy, for regular riders, and for vaulting. He can pull a cart, run barrels, jump a course of jumps, give lessons to 2 year olds and 82 year olds — in other words, whatever you need Willie to do, he will do. He loves to give hugs, will goof off or be as serious as his rider, and will be your best friend for as long as you need him to be.Willie takes care of the herd of horses as well as his human friends. He is always there for everyone!

Willie is cute and cuddly, and loves to give hugs. But in this cute body lives the biggest heart and ego of our herd. Willie has so much to give, and proves it every day. He can be bossy, nippy, grumpy, and rude to the other horses, and to his humans, but at the end of the day, he will always be the one who made someone feel better, or smile. No task is too big for this pony!!