Blue Rider Stables

Blue Rider Stables

15 Farm Lane, South Egremont, MA 01230

Name: Taquito

Gender: Gelding

Breed: Standard Donkey

Birth: 1995

Status: With Blue Rider since: 1996

Taquito was born during a tornado in 1995, and immediately orphaned. We rescued him off a slaughter-bound truck just a few months later, in 1996. Taquito thinks he is a horse, and he can do anything a horse can do. These days, age is taking its toll, and he doesn’t do many of the lessons he used to do. He still carries children, teaching them to be clear, correct and considerate in their riding, and he still delights in teaching young riders to canter. Taquito loves attention and ear scratches. He also often sticks out his tongue and sucks on it. In the spring of 2021, Taquito and Billy got their own donkeys-only shed, where they have their own space to eat and rest away from the big horses. Taquito needs extra support due to chronic Lyme disease, arthritis and age.

Update on Taquito:

Taquito was diagnosed with arthritis in his neck and shoulders months ago. Sadly, this is taking a toll on him, and we have decided to retire him from active duty. He is happily spending his time at the gate with Billy Boy, waiting for hugs and cuddles.

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