Blue Rider Stables

Blue Rider Stables

15 Farm Lane, South Egremont, MA 01230

An Update on Taquito

Taquito was diagnosed with arthritis in his neck and shoulders a few months ago. Sadly, this is taking a toll on him, and we have decided to retire him from active duty. He is happily spending his time at the gate with Billy Boy, waiting for hugs and cuddles.

Keep an eye out for our two traveling donkeys now! Billy and Taquito both look forward to their futures as our mascots of Blue Rider.

Summer Horsemanship Program

Summer has begun! We are hosting our summer horsemanship program. Please email if you would like to sign your child up for a week (or many!)

Our Circus was a Success!

Our Inner Child Circus of 2023 was a roaring success. We had amazing weather, spectacular riders and participants, and a supportive audience. We could not of done it without all of you.

To see photos of the event, go to If you would like to purchase any of the photos of your child, please email to do so.

Goodbye Desmond

Desmond is our resident barn cat at Blue Rider. He is so much more than a barn cat and a mouse hunter. Almost everyone who has ever been to Blue Rider has had the chance to be greeted by Desi, who is our barn greeter, emotional support animal(to staff, clients, parents and anyone who needs him), our biggest cuddler and just an overall sweet loving cat. Desi will let you hold him all day long and loves riding on your shoulders. He does not ask for much but gives so much to everyone. He has been the rock the staff has held on to during the loss of four horses in the past six months.

On Tuesday morning, Desi was showing signs of distress. He made it clear to staff that he was having issues going to the bathroom. The staff decided that it was time to bring him to the vet. The vets were able to help him go to the bathroom. He stayed at the vet hospital for a couple hours on pain medication while the vets tried to figure out what was going on. The vets did an urine analysis and were unable to find anything significant in what was causing Desmond’s inability to pee. With the hopes that the pain medication, antibiotics and muscle relaxers would help him, he was sent home for the night.

He seemed to be more comfortable and in good spirits as staff left for the night.

On Wednesday morning, Desi was in the same boat as Tuesday but with major signs of discomfort.

We rushed him to the vet again and a staff member stayed with him for hours while the vets tried to figure out what can be done to help him. Blood work was done showing he was perfectly healthy besides this issue. An x-ray was done showing he was impacted but no crystals or stones blocking his urine output. It was decided that he should stay overnight with a catheter to see if that helped. He stayed until 4:00 this afternoon. There have been almost no signs of anything getting better for him since he has been back home today. He still doesn’t seem to be able to pee on his own.

On Friday morning, Desi was brought to Bilmar Vet for surgery. We thought that this would help him and solve the urinary problems. The staff at Blue Rider made the decision hoping this would be in Desi’s best interests and in hopes he would live the long life he was told he would never have when we found him. The reconstructive surgery itself was a success. Desmond came out of surgery around 130. Dr. Caine called Julia N. letting her know that there was a mass further up in the upper neck of his bladder. He was unaware of it until the surgery. Dr. Caine wanted to keep him overnight with a catheter to see if the surgery was helpful.

Unfortunately around 4:30, Julia N. got another phone call from Dr. Caine stating that Desi still had not been able to urinate and that for Desmond’s sake that he should be let go. Julia N. went back to Bilmar to be there with Desmond as he was put to sleep. He was very peaceful and surrounded with lots of love and care.

Desi joined our Ghost Herd around 5 o’clock tonight.

Unfortunately this was not the outcome any of us wanted or expected to have. We did everything we could for him and in the end he knew that all we did was love him and do whatever we could to help him. Desmond fought to the very end. He was the sweetest, loving, caring, and most expressive cat. There will never be any other cat like him.

Des was only 7 when we left the physical world, this was very unexpected and we will miss him dearly.

I don’t think any of us can imagine a Blue Rider world without him running up, meowing and greeting everyone.

Any little bit will help us offset the costs of taking care of our Desi.

We truly appreciate any and all donations. Thank you so much,

From the Sad Four-legged and Two-legged Staff at Blue Rider

It’s May Already!

Read below for BRS’s first week of May update:

A Sad Update

Please read below for our update on Falcur. If you would like to donate in his memory or to help financially support Blue Rider with all the expenses that we put into helping Falcur in his final days please use the donate button below.

Our 2023 Circus Is Here!

The theme this year is Inviting your Inner Child. Be prepared for lots of silly, childish fun!

Baron and Remedy

Falcur Needs Your Help

Falcur needs our thoughts, prayers and money.

When staff arrived Friday morning, April 28th, our dear Falcur was showing signs of colic. Millbrook Vet was summoned and arrived at 10:45 a.m. and stayed here until 1:00 p.m, monitoring him and exploring the cause and his options. Ultrasound and scope found only minor residual dry feces impacted in the small intestine, and nothing detrimentally wrong. Throughout the vets assessment Falcur was showing more apparent signs of discomfort, and the thought process was that we needed to bring him to Rhinebeck Equine Clinic to have further assistance with him and find out what else we can do to help him feel better.

Falcur was trailered to Rhinebeck Equine Clinic at 1:00, as he presented with increased pain as the morning went on. It was deemed necessary to do colic surgery to save his life. Around 6 o’clock, Falcur got out of his colic surgery. He had a large intestine twist that is mostly seen in broodmares. His intestines came back to normal color after being untwisted, so nothing needed to be removed. This was the best outcome we could hope for! 

This being said, this was still a big surgery and will need a lot of post-op recovery time and needs, a change of routine for him, and lots of aftercare.

Falcur is such a needed part of our herd at Blue Rider and countless riders have found their confidence on his back. 

Please help us with costs of vet care, surgery, and aftercare! 

Send good thoughts, hug someone for him, and keep him in your prayers. 

Thank you. The Blue Rider Staff and herd

Spring Scavenger Hunt


Come join us for an adventure, pony rides, and hay bale maze!

Call or email us for more information and to reserve your spot 🐴

$50 for a family of four