We Remember

Sad Partings… Though we continue to find love for our new horses, the ones that we have had to say goodbye to will have a special place in our hearts forever. 2009 was a long year of many goodbyes; our goat Judy died in March, both the bunny and guinea pig died in the spring, Oreo and Sugar left us in June, and Misty passed in September. On May 6, 2012 we said goodbye to Rusty. It is heart wrenching to lose these friends. When we know that we have to help them pass, we can prepare and help each other in the grief. When it is sudden and unexpected, like with Misty, the pain is compounded. Each death brings up memories of past deaths, but with friends and the community we are able to move on and remember the great times as well.


Here is a poem written by one of Misty’s caregivers.

You died on the most beautiful night in the world
You could practically count every star
And there wasn’t a cloud to interfere
You were hurting, but you hardly let anyone know
Except for a couple of usYou were in a losing battle,
but you held on to your dignity
When they came to take away your pain, you knew.
You weren’t scared.
You knew, but you weren’t afraid
How could you be?
It must have felt so, so good tofinally be able to sleep easily.
Every time I close my eyes, I see your funny dish face
And your little white foot
And your big tubby tummy
And your ripply, rich chestnut coat
And your enormous heart…
We all love you, Misty Moo
You won your battle.