Billy Boy

Billy Boy, Hugs for All

Name: Billy Boy
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Sicilian Donkey
Birth year: 1988
With Blue Rider since: 1993

Billy Boy was rescued at auction in 1993 as a 5 year old. He is generous in his affection and makes sure that people that need hugs get them. He will stand for hours to have his ears rubbed. He goes out into the community to let people learn about equines. Billy always knows where he is needed. He is much larger in his gift of caring than his little body shows.

2019 Update: Due to Billy’s advanced age, he is showing signs of slowing down. We have retired him from the riding and therapy program, but he is still very active  in teaching leading and ground manners, and loves to be brushed! He also is our spokesperson out and about in the community.

Sponsor Billy Boy

For as little as $10 per month, you can help keep Billy Boy healthy and strong this year!