Falcur, Strength and Trust

Name: Falcur
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Icelandic
Birth year: 1996
With Blue Rider since: 2002

Falcur really was a flying horse — he flew to the US from Iceland in an airplane! He has a white brand on his back to prove where he came from. He is a five-gaited horse, (walk, trot, canter, tolt, pace) which is really good for people with back issues, as gaited horses are very smooth and comfortable. He is sturdy and strong, quiet and calm. His no-nonsense attitude makes him the best horse for therapy, and for off-balance riders. Falcur does his job with the least amount of energy spent, but will put his whole heart into doing the best for his rider.

2019 update: Falcur continues to be our shining star in our therapy program. He still struggles with his immune system at times. He has new boots to wear to help his feet when he works hard. He is happy to have another Icelandic (Svadi) here to play with.

Sponsor Falcur

For as little as $10 per month, you can help keep Falcur healthy and strong this year!