Taquito, Long ears, loud bray!

Name: Taquito
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Standard Donkey
Birth year: 1995
With Blue Rider since: 1996

Taquito was born, and orphaned, the night of a tornado in May 1995. Shortly after, he was rescued by Blue Rider on his way to slaughter. Taquito can do anything the horses do. He jumps, shows, goes trail-riding, does lessons, and in 2010 Taquito was the local Walk-Trot Champion of the show season! He is gentle until pushed, and considerate until you do not consider his feelings. He can carry a lot of weight for his size without complaining. He loves to stick out his tongue and suck on it. He also loves to come up and get his head rubbed! Anything a horse can do, Taquito can too!

2019 update: Taquito is feeling the effects of chronic lyme and age, so his work load has been modified. He doesn’t do the heavy lifting any more. He is still the one to teach little riders how to canter. He has a new hobby – to outbray Billy!

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