Anna-Christine Stanton

Anna-Christine Stanton is a licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in New York in 1985. She passed her Board certification for the State of New York and received her License in 1986. She began her career working for a Chiropractor. She worked in his office alongside him for four years, doing mainly medically oriented work. During this time she also spent time in Germany studying Rhythmical Massage. In 1990 she moved to Great Barrington, MA, and began building a small practice in the Berkshires. Since then, along with keeping her praxis going and raising a family, she has studied Myofascial Release, Orthopedic Massage Techniques for Cervical pain and dysfunction, Cranial Sacral Treatment, LaStone Basalt Stone Treatment, and Aromatherapy Treatments with the Aromatherapy Associates from England.

She has been on the Board of Blue Rider Stables in different capacities since 1994, as well as taking a hands-on approach to therapy on horseback. Her passion for working with massage and its relationship to movement has been very beneficial for Blue Rider clients over the years. In the future she will be continuing to devote herself to her practice and to Blue Rider; as well as continue to build on therapeutic modalities as they change and grow.