Jessica Petrie

Jess has been a student of Blue Rider for the past 28 years. She started lessons and immediately fell in love with not only the horses, but the whole Blue Rider family. Her first horse and pony were Tonka and Lucy, former barn residents. Later on, her best friend and heart horse was Misty, where she learned just how deep connections can become with our four-legged friends. She was an instructor and camp counselor through her college years, passing on valuable knowledge to our students.
As a board member, Jess brings not only extensive knowledge of how Blue Rider functions day-to-day, but has experience in business management as well as human resource management. She is currently an HR Generalist with IKEA in New Haven, CT.
When not working, she spends all of her free time with her husband, her dogs, Zelda and Link, and with her new quarter horse, Lola. She also has two step-children, one of which will be as horse crazy as she is.