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Blue Rider Stables

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Falcur Needs Your Help

Falcur needs our thoughts, prayers and money.

When staff arrived Friday morning, April 28th, our dear Falcur was showing signs of colic. Millbrook Vet was summoned and arrived at 10:45 a.m. and stayed here until 1:00 p.m, monitoring him and exploring the cause and his options. Ultrasound and scope found only minor residual dry feces impacted in the small intestine, and nothing detrimentally wrong. Throughout the vets assessment Falcur was showing more apparent signs of discomfort, and the thought process was that we needed to bring him to Rhinebeck Equine Clinic to have further assistance with him and find out what else we can do to help him feel better.

Falcur was trailered to Rhinebeck Equine Clinic at 1:00, as he presented with increased pain as the morning went on. It was deemed necessary to do colic surgery to save his life. Around 6 o’clock, Falcur got out of his colic surgery. He had a large intestine twist that is mostly seen in broodmares. His intestines came back to normal color after being untwisted, so nothing needed to be removed. This was the best outcome we could hope for! 

This being said, this was still a big surgery and will need a lot of post-op recovery time and needs, a change of routine for him, and lots of aftercare.

Falcur is such a needed part of our herd at Blue Rider and countless riders have found their confidence on his back. 

Please help us with costs of vet care, surgery, and aftercare! 

Send good thoughts, hug someone for him, and keep him in your prayers. 

Thank you. The Blue Rider Staff and herd