Garuda is home!

Garuda is back home from his time at rehab.  He’s feeling much better – but there is still a lot of work to do.

But for now – we are all happy to have him home.  2 and 4 legged!

Garuda’s welcoming committee has come to order!


“Hey! What’s up?? It’s been awhile!”


Hey! I missed you, BuddyRu….

Sun and mud!

There are moments when we can stop and enjoy the horses in the sun, before we see the amount of work it will take to clean the mud off of them! All are well here at the barn. Many of our horses are looking for their riders, and hoping it won’t be too long before they can return. Sadly, we are still closed….


Bella calling for friends

Zora bathed in mud!

Enjoying the sun


Barn closing update

Dear  Students, Families, and Blue Rider Stables Community:

Following the new Federal guidelines, and the Massachusetts public mandates, we have suspended all programs at Blue Rider Stables for the remainder of March. 

 We are joining the wider community in an effort to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 disease by being mindful of keeping Social Distance (our horses are practicing with us!)

The horses will continue to be well taken care of by our Instructors and Barn Staff and our office staff  will be checking voicemail and have access to email. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

These are unprecedented times and every day brings new challenges for us all. 

As we press on through this together, we ask that you keep your Blue Rider family in mind as our expenses to care for our Equines and our Staff continue.

We  wish you all good Health and safety in the days until we will resume our programming and welcome you back into the Barn!

Thank you for your continued support of our programs.

Sincerely, Christine

for the Blue Rider Board, staff and equines


Gardening while we’re closed

We are planting ponies in the hopes that we will be ready to have the greatest summer ever here. Stay safe and well. We are closed through the end of March.

Garuda is doing well in rehab, we are in touch with him constantly.

All others are well here at the barn.

Stay well, everyone!