It’s GIVING HOOVES DAY here at Blue Rider Stables!

On Giving Tuesday, help us feed our horses! $25 will feed one of our 16 equines (Rose is retired, we take care of her expenses) hay for one week, not covering any other expenses (farrier, vet, supplements, the list goes on.) We feed hay year round, even when we have our pastures open. Our horses give so much, help us keep them well fed!

Sometimes we fly, and sometimes, we dance

Over the last couple of weekends, our instructor, Becky and Svaði went out on some field trips to show off how amazing a team they are – and just how versatile our herd is.

By day, they are, an instructor and a lesson horse, as well as fuzzy therapist.

But come the weekend, they…


And dance…

(in the form of dressage – which is a fancy French word meaning “Training”,  it shows connection between horse and rider, and how well they work as a team)

And then cap it all off with the most graceful of endings.

Two of our junior instructors got a chance to go along and experience the event as well. It was deemed a good time by all, including Svaði! Its not all work (though there is a fair amount of that!). There is some time for fun and games too.

Congratulations to Becky and Svaði, on their successful outings, full of beautiful colors and a few ribbons!

Photo credit, once again, to our amazing photographer, Caitlin von Graf, who also just happens to be Becky’s sister!  Check out her Instagram page HERE !


We have two new programs~!

Its Fall!!!

Cooler weather, pretty colors, and we are open!

As the leaves are turning all sorts of colors, and the temperature dips – we here at Blue Rider are in full swing with lessons!

We have a couple of new programs available now as well, one for Homeschooling Pods, as well as one for those

who might not want to ride, but come and just.. Recenter themselves with the help of some horses.

Click on the links to find out more information!

Remembering Twist – One year later…

It’s been a year since Twist crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  His huge light and presence here is missed every day.  In honor of his one year passing, here is his song…  


As promised here is the video and song tribute celebrating the many magical days we spent with our dear departed Twist.


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